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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. tonight, evidence of a east bay burglary. and the last oakland bart shooting. who pulled the trigger? a north bay casino breaks ground. tonight, hundreds of calls police have responded there. and new technology for the doctors office. the blue tooth invention of three uc berkeley students making medical history. we're going to begin with a firsthand account from a victim of a kubl home invasion robbery. >> the cell phone left at the crime scene has been a crucial
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part of evidence in the gone girl kidnapping case but may have to be thrown out. >> melanie is here to explain why. >> reporter: we've heard from the victim in that home invasion case. he testified and described waking up to a man dressed in black, shining a flashlight and making demands. the man who lives in this home, testified the robber woke him up and said your daughter is okay. listen to what i say. he said the robber tried to tie him up, but he fought back. the robber, he says, hit his head with the flashlight. he says his wife ran to the bathroom to call 911. the victim says the robber left the home when yelling for his wife to get tthough they didn't. matthew muller was identified by
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his cell phone. detectives bypassed the locked phone by calling 911, got the number, and that the phone was registered to muller's parents. evidence his attorney wants thrown out. >> if you want to search something with a warrant, have you to make that clean. >> reporter: if they believe there was an urgent need for the evidence without a warrant, the evidence could be considered. >> not nervous. i'm confident. >> reporter: the judge could have implications on this case and a possible federal case as well. the cell phone led to muller as a suspect in a march vallejo kidnapping. police called that a hoax. months later, investigators found evidence linking muller to that crime in his south lake tahoe home. muller has not been charged federally yet. new federal documents filed on
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friday reference and interview he did in jail with another reporter that the jail recorded and it says here in the documents muller acted alone and attributed his behavior to a side effect from a vaccine. out of oakland, police are searching for a gunman after a homicide on 23 are the street -- 23 rd street and martin luther king way. follow our updates on twitter. now, breaking out in bay point, firefighters have found a body inside of a shed that caught fire behind a house this afternoon. sky 7 was over that home just minutes ago on shore road near
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lake view drive. firefighters found the body when they went into the shed afterwards. no word on whether the person died from a fire or before it broke out. a man is in critical condition tonight at an oakland hospital after bart police say he shot himself during a struggle with police on a train platform. it's part of a growing trend between police here and in oakland. we're live with the latest. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. bart police are separate from the city of oakland police department. but what happened here last night is just the latest example of what is going on between police and suspects in this city. tuesday night, two bart police officers wrestled with an armed man on a train platform. the man shot himself. the officers daysed him but never drew guns. >> this is not an officer involved shooting.
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>> reporter: this is just th latest violent encounter between police and suspects in oakland n 2013 there were 21 assaults on oakland police officers. 16 last year, so far this year, 26. an increase of 63%. >> it's a difficult time in this country to be a police officer. >> reporter: last month, an oakland officer was shot in the chest by a sexual assault suspect. last week, a female officer was beaten by a man with a bike chain. in both cases the suspects were shot and killed by police. >> there is concern out there. >> reporter: former san francisco police chief the director of international interstate yut of criminal justice at university of san francisco. >> i think we've come to the point where we have to look at it in an objective way in terms of what the police can do, and what the community can do, to make our relationships better. to de escalate the situation.
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>> i am worried about the media attention. no one wants to be that officer accused of doing things they didn't do. >> reporter: assaults are up in oakland and so are officer-involved shootings. four were fatal. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. the only remaining suspect from a murder on mundy avenue in san jose is in jail. officers arrested a suspect last week. police say surveillance video shows him terrorizing the victim before killing him. investigators have not revealed a motive for the killing. police shot and killed two other suspects in two separate incidents last month. a new tragedy in yosemite.
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a man reported missing three weeks ago has been found dead. 39-year-old james millet junior. he never returned from a hike. his car was spotted over the weekend. a crew found the body yesterday. no cause of death given. a judge set a trial date for the man accused of killing sierra lamar three years after the teenager went missing. the suspect will go on trial april 25th of next year, investigators found sierra's hair and dna inside of his car and garcia-torres's dna detected on some of her clothing. her body has never been found. there has been a major development in the case of a san francisco real estate tycoon convicted of art fraud. attorney as agreed today that the art in question is worth far less than the $11 million thought. in fact, experts testified that
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paintings originally valued at $sev7 million are actually fake. his lawyers are pushing for a new trial. the i-team showed us last week, he was in custody but later recaptured. new details about the case of an inmate who died in santa clara jail last week. it turns out he was supposed to be released to get mental health care. abc7 news reporter david louie discovered this and more in court documents today. >> reporter: 31-year-old michael james tyree died in custody at county jail. he was supposed to be getting treatment in a residential mental health facility. records indicate that had a judge decided that over a month ago, but was waiting for a bed. he was found unresponsive in his cell after midnight on thursday. he could not be revived.
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the coroner's office is not releasing results of the autopsy. three correctional officers, all deputy sheriffs have been suspended. search warrants were issued and served over the weekend as part of the investigation. photos of the dead white inmate are not being released but a clear picture of his past is contained in court documents. a year ago, deputy as rested tyree loitering outside of a church with a small amount of methamphetamine in his pants pocket. he's been arrested for possessing needles an syringes and being in possession of a stolen lap top computer from a local library. he was a transient and records indicate he also lived, for a time, in florida. a ground breaking held today for a new hotel in sonoma county.
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it's part of a $175 million expansion at the casino, sitting west of roanoke part. there is controversy over this expansion. wayne freedman joins us live with the story tonight. wayne? >> reporter: there has always been controversy. take a look over my shoulder. they moved some dirt around, the actual construction work begins tomorrow, we're told. >> more opportunity. >> reporter: for what still remains a glitzy rendering of roanoke park when they finish a $175 million hotel next to their existing and popular casino. just ask these lady rz from pinole. >> it's almost like a vegas casino.
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>> do you spend money here? >> oh, god, lots. >> reporter: ill will bring a thousand local construction jobs and 150 permanent ones. that is good news here, but not for everyone. >> we have more crime here than petaluma, or santa rosa. >> reporter: jeff worthington has spent 15 years of his life fighting against the complex and losing. >> before the casino came to town, it was a sleepy little city. >> reporter: deputies reported 641 crimes on site since the casino opened in november, 2013. they've responded to 2699 calls. and the head of the police union says... >> the problem is the people are arrested here after done gaming. >> reporter: the casino guaranteed the county $five comblinl. for the tribal chairman, it's
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one more distraction on a day when he, and his tribe believe it should be celebrated. >> what i've learned is patience. two, that taking the high road always pays off. >> reporter: in this case, the high road is six stories tall. wayne freedman, abc7 news. still ahead here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 how a life like doll like this one can improve your daily commute. but it's a practice the patrol is watching out for. why are local officials gearing up for a disaster like this? a forecast for flooding coming up. i'm spencer christian. may feel autumn like right now, but we'll get a blast of summer warmth over the weekend. ever put something away and couldn't find it? how that happened to the post
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with school back in session, more people are back on the road and some drivers are resorting to drastic measures to shorten their commute. there is creativity when using the carpool pain, but the chp is onto it. >> reporter: traffic in the bay is something all of us fight every day. >> it is exhausting and takes sometimes two and a half hours to get home. it just wears on you. >> reporter: with residents back
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from summer vacation, they'll see more congestion. on monday, police responded to a report of a baby trapped inside of a car. they busted the window, only to find the baby was fake. now, it appears more people are using the doll tz find their way into the fast lane. a quick of ebay shows they're selling for hundreds of dollars. >> frustrating to see people just flying by in the carpool lane, without another person in the car without a sticker. just doing it because they think they're not going to get caught. >> reporter: the patrol says they're onto the violators. >> we have our officers in perfect locations to be able to tak taken enforcement actions. >> reporter: they say it's more than just about the carpool lane. >> when you have to rush and break rules and try to cheat using carpool lanes, other things are going to come into play, such as speed. >> reporter: many hoping
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speeders will cut the nonsense. >> i'm not going to do it. it's not worth the ticket. the d.a.'s office charged a man accused of vandalizing the all wars memorial. the vandals used a black and red spray paint to deface the memorial. police say they appreciate the assistance and patience of the community in the arrest. california drought regulators ordered a business to stop diverting water from four mountain springs. the company, sugar pines spring water sells water to other bottling companies. they do have water there.
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the drought is worst than any in history, many are now preparing for severe flooding. we may be in for a very wet winter. reporter kim daily explains what's happening in stockton. >> reporter: rock piles in stockton. that rock is maebt to rebuild levies in the delta if what happened in 1997 happens again, this year. up and down the san joaquin river, 22 levy breaks during a strong el nino weather pattern. this winter, another is possible, which is why the state is storing this rock. this equipment is located next to the san joaquin river. here is what would happen. large barges pull up loaded with rocks. they go into the delta. whenever the breaks might be.
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>> we know it's coming. you know? we do steps every year. just take more extra steps and get more ready. >> mike runs the san joaquin county office of emergency services and says it's not just piles of rock, but better communication, better organization that should make the next el nino less of a threat. it's not just the 97 floods but this reve break in 2004 has the state starting to build flood response facilities. this design shows the stockton location where three barge was pull up, and return to the delta. he says some breaks are inevitable, and it's the response that counts. in stockton, abc7 news. the a's final game had a pregame ceremony today. and i was happy to be
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it. i sang the national anthem today, had a great time, unfortunately the a's lost 9-4. i performed the "spar spangled banner" before previous games and it's a great privilege to do so. >> not a reflection on your performance. you sounded wonderful. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> when you say oh, say can you see? today, we could. the clouds cleared away. and we can see it clearly now. taking a look at live doppler 7 hd, things are looking calm around the bay area in terms of sky conditions. it's breezy out there. in the sierra, we have fire concerns and a red flag warning is in effect until 7:00 p.m.
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let's talk about the winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour gusts in mountain view. here is a view of the sky or a view of the beautiful sky from our emeryville camera. low clouds stacked up near the coastline there. 71 in san jose. 64 half moon bay. here is the view from our camera looking southwest. scattered clouds in the sky. 72 and another live view over the view. we'll see mild inland conditions tomorrow and friday. warmer pattern in for the long holiday weekend and we'll have beach weather labor day as high temperatures soar, starting on
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sunday. a cool air mass is reinforcing the cool pattern we have now. showers are going to go into the pacific northwest as you follow the time line here. and showers are not likely to reach into the bay area. we'll continue to have mild, but cooler than average conditions through friday. then, we get a warm up. just as a matter of fact let's take a look at what you can expect from the warm up. saturday, it's a warming trend with high temperatures inland into mid and upper 80s in spots. monday, we expect it to be the warmest day, with highs in the mid to upper 90s inland. so it's going to be a nice, warm labor day. warm conditions into next week as well. overnight, low clouds near the coast and locally beyond the peninsula and bay. and into the south bay. north bay remaining mostly clear
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tonight. low temperatures upper 50s. tomorrow, we'll see low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. once again, i emphasize that warming trend that begins on saturday. inland highs in the mid-90s. upper 80s around the bay. low to mid-70s on the coast. >> that is -- >> we're still here. >> definitely. >> coming up next, unusual highway hazard you may have encountered today. >> what happened to the chicken that fouled up the bay bridge
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friends are encouraging people to remember the oldest survivor of the san francisco earthquake. ruth newman was five years old when it struck. today, we learned she died at the age of 113. her death leaves only one known survivor still alive. he lived in marin county and is 109. he was just three months old in 1906 when the 7.8 quake and fire destroyed most of san francisco. caltrans will put it's new smart technology to the test on interstate 80 tomorrow. signs have gone up and are designed to give you realtime information on the conditions you'll face including
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recommended driving speeds, and how much congestion is ahead. the signs in this video are between gillman and university and berkeley. tomorrow's test will be conducted between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. so check it out. a reminder for labor day weekend. bart will be making repairs so there will be no trains from 12:01 saturday morning until late monday night. bart will provide bus service between 19th street and transbay terminal in san francisco. but you can expect it to be a very long ride. an east bay chicken is awaiting adoption after an eventful day. this getto was -- photo was taken. the patrol caught the chicken but not before it caused extensive traffic delays for thousands of drivers.
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here it is. someone started a twitter account for the bridge chicken. what the chicken needs is a home. the shelter says the chicken is getting used to its surroundings and is getting along with two other chickens that are there. >> it needs a fast track tag. just ahead, the closest thing to an aids vaccine that has ever been developed and so far, has a 100% success rate. president obama travels to alaska, calling attention to chimit -- climate change. chimit -- climate change. an afghanistan veteran, a
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the drug and none has tested positive for hiv. the study was released today. lyanne? >> reporter: before being approved, clinical trials found a high success rate, well over 90%. now, after two and a half years of offering the drug to patients, kaiser permanente says our results are better than that. paul has been a daily regime of the drug to in clinical trials. >> my boyfriend is hiv positive. i met him a year and two months into taking the drug. >> reporter: now, instead of protecting most people, kaiser found the drug has been 100% effective. their patients have been taking it since the drug was approved in 2012. their findings appear on the
7:33 pm
clinical diseases advance access. >> we now have over 600 patients using this medication. and no new hiv infections. >> gay and bisexual men aren't the only patients being evaluated. >> heterosexual men, injection drug users. >> patients are tested every three months and monitor forward side effects. >> we have options. we have tools we can use. >> this study suggests hiv is very close to being managed like any other chronic disease. now, one of my twitter followers said not a formal drug trial but still, good news. and so true. in the newsroom, abc7 news. thank you, lyanne. breaking news out of lake county. a fire is burning off elk mountain road near the upper lake area. >> the fire started before 3:00 this afternoon. officials say no struck yours
7:34 pm
-- structures have been destroyed or damaged. >> if you have any photos or video of the fire, you can take any safely, share it with us. >> we'll stay on top of that. an oakland based nonprofit is taking legal action against e-cigarette makers, claiming nearly 90% of all e-cigarette companies had one product that produced high levels of cancer-causing chemicals. a bill to ban the sale to children is on its way to the governor's desk. now, it's okay to sell vaping devices if they don't contain nicotine. president obama is visiting north of the arctic circle.
7:35 pm
the village is battling erosion caused by rising satisfies. the president got an only in alaska experience, dealing with salmon in an isolated fishing village of dillingham. the president attended a cultural performance and joined in on the last dance, declaring "i've been practicing". he spent the week visiting some of alaska's most-beautiful places. tonight's money matters a big rebound on wall street after falling more than 400 points yesterday, the dow jones average regained almost 300 today. we're in a correction, but it's not yet a bear market, a decline of 20%.
7:36 pm
still unclear whether the fed will raise interest rates. minutes from the last meeting show the u.s. economy humming right along. they had concerns about china and oil industry. netflix made a debut in japan, with 127 million potential customers, however, netflix faces competition from hulu, offering to stream ad free for extra $four per month. today is the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. vj day is when japan signed it's surrender. it took board aboard the uss missouri. the navy lieutenant scrambled to find a table, grabbing one from the mess hall. he says those on the ship watching the ceremony got worried when a submarine popped out of the water. >> it came up just near the end of the ceremony. and everybody kind of got
7:37 pm
excited. it had a black flag on it. a japanese submarine that was surrendering. >> he says many sailors didn't see the ceremony. they were too eager to get home. an army national guard hero has been named to a new role tonight, he is a celebrity. janet oh explains the announcement. he was one of three americans who took down a terrorist on a packed train in paris. big round of applause! >> his 15 minutes of fame keeps going. this morning the latest announcement for the 22-year-old is that he's joining the cast of "dancing with the stars". >> what do your buddies think about you dancindancing? >> i don't want to imagine.
7:38 pm
>> reporter: just days ago, he was on gma. >> i didn't think i would be this big. >> he is, and so do his two childhood friends. the oregon national guardsman had come back from afghanistan, on break in europe. they happened to be on the same train as a terrorist. his home coming in portland was spectacular. >> i was so grateful to everybody. thought it was mazing. >> he is looking to add another award to his collection. the coveted mirror ball trophy. >> i think it will be fun. i hope i learn a lot. i'll need to if i'm going to stay on very long. >> good stuff. season 21 begins on september 13th here on abc7. just ahead here at abc # news at 6:00 an east bay couple gets the run around. a package gets lost in the mail. >> how michael
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[female announcer] through labor day at sleep train's mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. a san lor yenzo couple mailed a package to north carolina but the postal service lost it.
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>> yes. it was really crushing. it was frustrating experience for this couple. we're glad we can help. cindy smith shows off a prized possession she picked up in a garage sale. her boyfriend, phillip mapping out where he'll find his next possible treasure. the couple often resells finds and uses the money to support their five grandchildren. >> we like to be able to help them. >> they tried to send a sweater in north carolina, the package was unbelievable. the person moved and didn't leave an address. phillip and cindy didn't learn that until a month later. phillip called the post office, asking why it wasn't rushed to him. >> someone in north carolina put a return label over part of our return address. so all they can do is send it
7:43 pm
back to our general area. >> phillip asked the post office to send him the package. no one could find it. inspectors indicated it was at the richmond post office. someone finally suggested he file a claim. >> i didn't want to file a claim. i just wanted it returned. >> he said he filed a claim two days before 60 day deadline. the post office told him it had no record of it. when filing again and denied, because he missed the deadline. that is when he contacted 7 on your side. >> we shouldn't have had to go to 7 on your side. they forced me into that. >> the post service says if you file a claim online, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation. the post office says in a rare instance when an employee is at
7:44 pm
fault, we hold him or her accountable. the smiths received a check to replace the lost package. >> 7 on your side has been very good for me and my girlfriend. >> the post office is also in the process of refunding the postage. >> that is good. nice works. >> coming up, new technology for the doctor's office. >> the brain child of some
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it's one of the oldest tools in medicine. tonight, it's getting an upgrade. the entrepreneurs who just given the green light to sell their smart stethoscope to doctors. >> conner if you don't mind, i'm going to listen to your heart. >> this cardiologist is using what looks like a regular stethoscope. >> it is a regular stethoscope, just has the device attached to it. a year ago, a team of uc berkeley students pitched it to
7:48 pm
a panel of judges. >> how it works is simple. >> takes a recording, the time. >> paired with a smart phone, it records hearts sounds. then, stores the recording with a patient's electronic health record. >> it becomes a living document of the patient's life from a kid to a geriatric patient. >> the doctor can send the recording to a cardiologist instead of sending you. >> not wasting more time or money. >> validating a product for the fda is a very, very expensive process. raising investment was critical. >> that is what brought them to the demo stage in early 2014. >> it gives us confidence that we can pull this off. >> they faced tough questions but have gotten $2.8 million in funding and now, fda approval. >> hopefully, you'll see your doctor using this in a few
7:49 pm
months. >> what is more exciting is what can happen next. after making thousands of recordings. >> being able to tell something new about heart sounds we may not have known before. >> it can make echo smarter, recognizing heart problems. >> we're trying to go for the shazam for heart beats. >> shazam for heart beats. that is cool. >> let's talk about the spectacular weather. >> that is right. our calm weather here in the bay area, down to tropical pacific, a chain of systems, 14-e, this one is with others we've got a tropical storm, ignacio. and hurricane crossed over the dateline. it's called a typhoon. three active systems there.
7:50 pm
to california, sunny and mild, and that will be here in the bay area, mild with highs in mid-60s. highs in the 70s around the bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. looking for high temperatures mid to upper 90s inland sunday, monday, and tuesday. mid to upper 70s on the coast. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> some interesting news in sports today about the 49ers. >> yes. >> and long overdue. as of today, could be on his way as a
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good evening, it's recognition long overdue. looks like eddie dibartolo junior will take his name in the hall of fame. he was nominated by the contributor's committee. he took control of the team in 1979. he drafted joe montana.
7:54 pm
niners won five super bowls. he would spent whatever it took to sign the best players. he lost control of the team in one the 1998 after being implicated in a scheme to build a casino in louisiana. the raiders getting ready for their fourth and final preseason game. i don't expect to see many of the regularers. this game has one thing. do not get hurt. second year quarterback derek garner says he's light years ahead of where he was as a rookie. >> the game slows down a lot. i think back, i remember playing seattle last year in preseason. we had a good game, but a fast game. you know? i just trusted what i was
7:55 pm
seeing. that is what i was seeing. you know? i can manipulate defenders and things like that lorenzo alexander is an eight-year nfl veteran. he can back up as linebacker. baseball, sunny against the angels in oakland. a wild pitch that scores to make it 1-0. los angeles angels of anaheim? how ridiculous will that sound? and a liner to left. this is all in the first inning. a's showing signs of life. here it comes, there it goes. a two-run bomb for the deepest part of the yard. a's back in it down 4-3. look at albert pujohls here. that is gone. career homer 550.
7:56 pm
a two-run shot. one of the greats of all times. angel goes on to win, 9-4. serena williams may go down in history as the best female tennis player ever. she struggled in new york in second round action. she was trailing four love in a tie breaker. the ball bounces off the top of a net. and that shot is long. and she said she felt nervous at times. williams goes on to win and the first calendar slam in 27 years continues. i was reminded of the movie "gladiator". are you not entertained? giving the crowd what they want. a racket smashing. she was not pleased. kind of fired her up for a few games against bethany and then,
7:57 pm
reality set in. she's still upset. kind of a sad ending to marte fisher's tennis career. you can see his left leg cramping up. he couldn't move. and last shot was out of bounds. heart problems, now he will head to retirement. abc7 sports, huge game for giants tonight. >> thank you. >> all right. join us at 9:00, tesla's elan musk let's the cat out of the bag. when you'll be able to own the cheaper tesla three. a local animal sanctuary overwhelmed by starving birds showing up.
7:58 pm
>> and here is our wednesday night programming line up. >> it's jimmy kim yil live tonight including chris young. >> that is it for abc7 news. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening. [female announcer] when you see this truck... it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight.
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